Please Help

We are building free maps of graffiti for different cities. I've started doing London myself but am reaching out to others like yourself for help with other cities.

If you would like to contribute, photographing a new city please:

  1. Register as a Gallery User
  2. Email saying where you think you can help, I will then give gallery permissions and we can discuss how we can work together.

Steps to Adding a Gallery

Don't worry if you are not technical, the site does a lot of work for you and I am always happy to help. As long as you can get us good photos with locations we can do the rest.

  1. Register as a Gallery User and mail me to get permissions
  2. Make sure your camera/mobile gives Geo Tagged Photos
    • Mobile Phones - you should be able to configure GPS tagging for photos
    • Cameras - Can be more tricky. Either you have a high end model that supports this or you can tag the location using a separate mobile APP.
    • I am happy to help you with this.
  3. Go out taking photos at a bright time of day
  4. Download photos to the PC
  5. Rename files to describe what is in the picture, photos of the same thing but with different angle, add number to end e.g. pic-1.jpg, pic-2.jpg, ..
  6. Use caesium to compress the jpegs. Good photos = 90%. tags and not so good photos = 80%
  7. Use GeoSetter to fix or move any locations which are not quite correct.
  8. Upload the photos to the relevant gallery
  9. Check locations came out ok
  10. Add keywords/tags for each photo including
    • what they are of (stickman, tag)
    • the type (fantasy, cartoon, psychodelic)
    • their size (fullwall,fullstreet)
    • location (shoreditch, london, berlin)